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Nosh Box: Burgers Don’t Grow on Trees — Yet

Current consumer focus on wellness, ketogenic eating, and meat-substitute products was reflected everywhere: in breakout session, selections, and displays. Plant-based foods were in abundance like avocado tea; gluten-free breads; vegan, lactose-free butter — with opposition from the dairy industry; and meat-like patties produced from plants and grains — or from our fungus favorite: mushrooms.
April 01, 2020

The Batter’s Always Up at Sugarsweet

At this bakery, the chef, David Benton, uses cakes and cookies as his canvas.
March 25, 2020

Nosh Box: Flavors of the Fruitvale

Sometimes famous for its infamy, it’s a boulevard, a neighborhood, a district, a bridge, a BART station, a movie, and more. Consider it district hegemony, because its social footprint is larger than the outline on a topographic map. It pervades surrounding venues like the Dimond, the Laurel, Melrose, Highland Park, and Jingletown.
March 01, 2020

Nosh Box: Ten Days a Week in February

Twelve years old, 10 days long, and featuring more than 100 events in five Bay Area counties — including many in the East Bay — Beer Week celebrates an anniversary this month. The events promise larger, more detailed, and varied demonstrations of the brewers’ art, Feb. 7-16. Producers claim local brewers “… have brainstormed with bands, artists, restaurants, community groups, as partners for Beer Week.”
February 01, 2020

Nosh Box: A Game of Chicken Ruffles Feathers

Kick off the New Year by syncing your taste buds with the current national protein-eating trend. For nearly eons, beef was the most popular meat in American. Seems now our tastes align with other nations, making chicken the most popular meat in the world as well as at home.
January 01, 2020

There’s a Toad in My Tea

Tea lovers are having some fun with Chinese clay tea pets.
December 19, 2019

Doña’s Carnitas Is More Than Just ‘Little Meats’

The precise way in which carnitas is prepared at Doña is a secret, but there are only four ingredients.
December 06, 2019

The Berkeley Boathouse Is More Than a Typical Hotel Restaurant

Part of an $8 million ‘refresh,’ the Berkeley Boathouse opens within DoubleTree by Hilton Berkeley Marina with a chef-driven menu.
December 06, 2019

Nosh Box: Saddle Up Your Holiday Gift-Horse

Pondering what to buy for the foodie or gourmand on you holiday list? Check out the selections below that seek to avoid the trite and true, and include suggestions for every taste and budget.
December 01, 2019

Slow Food East Bay Makes Connections Through Food

At Slow Food East Bay’s cultural dinners, guests savor favored recipes and stories. Early this fall, three chefs — Tu David Phu, Denise Huynh, and Hai Lam — prepared dishes representing Vietnamese tastes.
November 20, 2019