Prayers for Nepal


We’ll make a donation in your name.

On April 25, the people of Nepal experienced a major 7.8 earthquake followed by several severe aftershocks. This disaster caused massive damage, affecting thousands of families. We send our prayer to people of Nepal and pledge to assist them as we too live on a fault line.

At the agency, we get many questions about earthquake insurance any time there’s major seismic activity. Living on the fault line, as we do here in the East Bay, we encourage all of our clients to prepare for earthquakes by stocking up basic supplies like water, food and medicine, doing seismic upgrades on their homes, and yes, purchasing Earthquake Insurance.

Here’s our offer: Get an earthquake quote by June 30, and we’ll donate $10 to Oxfam in your name. Oxfam provides essential services like clean water, latrines, food, and emergency shelter for people who can’t return to their earthquake-damaged homes.

Earthquake insurance is for everyone. The California Earthquake Authority offers policies for renters, condo owners, and mobile home owners, as well homeowners. For more information, call us at 510-874-5700..

After all, according to the USGS, there’s 100% chance of an EARTHQUAKE every day.

Ruth Stroup Agency

3560 Grand Ave., Oakland, CA 94610, 510-874-5700

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