What’s Hot, And What’s Not

Bacon-wrapped whatever? That’s so 2010. Today’s culinary buzz is reserved for cephalapods, high-end Mexican, cold-brewed coffee, sour beers, seaweed, and burgers, natch.


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Squid by Wm Jas-CC; Bacon-wrapped turkey by Emma Forsberg

Squid is in; bacon is played out.

What’s Hot

Insects. (In the future we will see more bugs on tables or as additives to other foods). Pasture-raised eggs.

—Andrew Vennari, chef, Sequoia Diner


Squid or other inexpensive seafood being used as center of plate entrees instead of just as appetizers.

—Kyle Itani, executive chef and owner, Hopscotch


Turnips (gone are the boiled over-cooked, earwax tasting, sad, white lumps. Cooked with the tops on, or raw, slightly crunchy and delicious). Lamb ribs (takes the “special occasion” out of lamb. So much more to lamb than legs and chops). Smoke (when used cleverly to impart on ingredients that usually don’t see smoke it can add a depth of flavor that is haunting).

—Geoff Davis, chef de cuisine, The Dock


Rahim Packir Saibo-CC

Cold-brewed coffee.

Fermented foods of all kinds, whether it be kombucha, kraut, or any other vegetable; artisanal beers, especially “sour beers;” cold-brewed coffee.

—Michael Cook, executive chef, À Côté


Hospitality (a sense of being genuine in both cooking and serving; satisfying food that is based primarily on feeding the guest, not feeding staff egos).

—Liz Sassen, owner and executive chef, Homestead


Ken Hawkins-CC

Fuji seaweed salad.

Sea plants; any kind of poke.

—Christopher Kronner, owner and head chef, Kronnerburger


Mitch Tobias

Russell Moore cooking over fire at Camino.

Cooking things over live fire (I know people have been doing this for a while now, but it’s fun, and it seems more and more people are realizing this). Open kitchens and celebrating the cooks. (I spent a lot of years in closed kitchens with no windows and getting paid next to nothing).

—Ben Harris, chef de cuisine, Pizzaiolo


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